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Hello and Wow!
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August 23, 2012
7:15 am
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August 21, 2012

Hello everyone! I’m so grateful to have come across this website and wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit of my recent experiences and background with you all.

Briefly, I’ve been a devout Christian since I was 18 years old. To even consider the validity of other religions methods and practices as the way to “salvation”, was not something I was willing to admit to. After all, I’m a “Christian”, right? Isn’t that what Christians are to believe? But as I grew in my spiritual walk, I knew there was more to what I’ve been taught and led to believe. I found contradictions between what the scripture says and what the pastor preached, and then learned about the Berean’s. How they “searched the scriptures daily” to see if what was being said was true.

This statement had a profound impact on me spiritually and since that point, I’ve been Seeking the Father and the Son instead of just believing what I’ve been told. For 10+ years, I researched everything I could about man’s history on earth. And if there’s anyone out there that has diligently been seeking the truth to our existence, I’m sure you can agree that Truth is so much more stranger than Fiction.

Eventually my search for knowledge led me to the gnostic gospels. What I read and learned astonished me. If you were to compare some of the Gnostic Gospels with ancient texts from the Sumerians and Egyptians of ancient Mesopotamia, the writings of ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Native Americans, Hopi Tribe, etc, and the actions all great spiritual leaders like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and so forth, they all teach of practically the same thing. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and the only way to “Salvation” or “Self-Realisation” is through realizing who we are spiritually and making ourselves “One with God” the creator of all things, as we are of Him and made in his image. Therefore, the belief that “I can do all things through Christ(‘s) (consciousness) who strengthens me”, helped me realize the physical as well as spiritual benefits to Sahaja Meditation in my walk to enlightenment or in Jesus Christ.

My apologies, I meant to make this short and may have not fully explained myself above. But I trust the meaning I tried to convey was well received. In any case, I have been following the Sahaja Meditation courses and have completed up to course 3, Awakening the Kundalini. I did the affirmation exercise twice. Once the evening before yesterday and again this morning. The first night after I asked Mother to give me pure knowledge, I felt a warm and tingly feeling in my lower back as if a flame was lit at the base of my spine and the tip of the flame reach the middle of my back. As I continued with the affirmation exercise, I remember feeling a cool sensation and tingly feeling flowing around my legs below my knees and in my hands and arms. It also seemed as if it got bright all of a sudden and a pulsing feeling almost as if my spirit/soul was pulsating from within. I was completely thoughtless yet my attention was brought to the feeling my left thumb for some reason. The following day after, my lower body between my navel and mid thighs would be tingling and felt as if they were sore from exercising. Mind you I was sitting on a chair and not crossed legged during this exercise.

This morning was a bit different. I raised my Kundalini first and did a bandahan before and after the meditation. I did the affirmation exercise again and at the point again when I asked Mother Kundalini to give me pure knowledge again, I felt that same warm feeling at the base of my spine. As I completed the affirmations and just sat there in silence continuing my meditation, the darkness turned to like a bright white swirling light with hints of blue mixed in there. My body slowly started swaying and it felt as if a pulse of light/energy was emanating from my body. Then a feeling of joy and completeness came across me and I all I wanted to do was smile. Then the weird part happened. I say weird in the sense that it is difficult to describe the feeling I had in words. I felt the light/energy emanating from my body, but then it felt as if my spirit/soul was trying to separate itself from my body. Not like I was going to have an out of body experience, more like a detachment of the spiritual being from the physical self, but within my body. But as I started to notice this feeling, I started to “think” about this feeling and slowly that feeling would disappear. The more I thought on it, the more my awareness was drawn away from it, if that makes any sense.

I would say no more than 5 minutes after that mediation session, my emotions were a bit whacky. I felt sad all of a sudden and felt a warm ball in my lower back. A few minutes later while looking at myself in the mirror and brushing my teeth, I felt joyful and giggly. And as I looked at myself in the mirror, it felt as if the me in the mirror and “Myself” were laughing at an inside joke together. I knew it was me but it was as if were my twin. Then I felt a warm ball in the spot between the middle of my back and where the neck meets the spine. I also felt the cool breeze above my head on both occasions and on the way to work today I was peaceful, thoughtless, in no rush at all and nature seemed to be much more alive.

Well, that’s my story thus far. Your comments, thoughts, ideas are of course welcome and anticipated. I know it was a long read, but since my meditation this morning, I’ve felt compelled to write of my experience and give this testimonial.

May you all have blessed day!

August 29, 2012
12:41 pm
Sarah G

Forum Posts: 139
Member Since:
April 7, 2011

Hello, and welcome to the course!
Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting and detailed description of your experience! Everyone responds differently to the awakening of the kundalini, though much of what you describe here is not uncommon – especially the experience of different sensations in the body, particularly in the back and along the spine, feeling a range of emotions, and feeling peaceful and thoughtless. Also, a detachment from yourself, as you say, not an out of body experience, but a recognition that our spirit and our body are different is commonly experienced. As we say in one of the affirmations “I am the pure spirit” which means we are not our body, our thoughts or our emotions.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the course, and if you want, to continue to observe your response to the meditations. It’s not necessary to think about them too much though. I think you’re doing just the right thing – keeping your attention in the present, witnessing yourself, and enjoying the ride :)

All the best, and please don’t hesitate to post again!


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