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Ganesha Atharva Sheersha - Praise to innocence and wisdom
November 3, 2010
12:15 pm
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December 20, 2008

Ganesha Atharva Sheersha is an ancient prayer in praise of Shri Ganesha who is the embodiment of innocence and who guards the Mother Kundalini (Guari). Ganesha is praised as the remover of obstacles – the obstacles, which may occur in the course of the awakening of the Kundalini and the development of one’s realization. 

The wisdom of Shri Ganesha is the wisdom of the heart - that is the ability to perceive the true meaning of what people may say or do (i.e. what is really in their heart). Children again naturally have this ability as they often tune in to the feelings and subtle signals rather than the face value of what is said. Shri Ganesha is also the eternal divine child, and he therefore likes to have fun and enjoy. He bubbles with enthusiasm, playfulness and love.

Reading Ganesha Atharva Shersha daily will significantly improve your subtle system and help you clear the blockages in the chakras. After raising your kundalini and giving yourself a bandhan, start your meditation by reading this prayer.



Download Ganesha Atharva Sheersha in PDF format:

Download Ganesha Atharva Sheersha

February 10, 2011
6:33 pm
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
February 3, 2011

what is a badhan

February 10, 2011
6:35 pm
Forum Posts: 4
Member Since:
February 3, 2011

is to say this prayer specific to any religion?

February 11, 2011
2:57 pm
Forum Posts: 683
Member Since:
March 6, 2010

Dear Ano,

The bandhan is a series of hand gestures that first invites Mother Kundalini to come up along our spine and stay above our head, and then establishes or evens out a protective “shield” around our body, so that our attention is not disturbed and remains on our Spirit and on our Mother Kundalini. You can see how this is done here: http://www.onlinemeditation.or…..editation/ We do this normally when begin something and when we end something, if we want our attention to stay enlightened and protected. So, before and after the meditation, before leaving home for work and after coming back, or in general, if we enter a disturbing place or situation.

About prayers and religion. In Sahaja meditation we have the experience of “vibrations” – a cool breeze above our head and on our hands if we are in a balanced state, or sometimes heat or tingling that indicates imbalance. Pretty soon after starting to feel them, if we meditate regularly, we learn to pay attention to them and to interpret them. Whatever increases the cool vibrations improves our balance, and so that’s what we want to experience as much as possible. Whatever causes more heat and tingling, or decrease in coolness (I’m oversimplifying a little here), takes us out of balance, and so we try to avoid it. Now, there are certain things in most religious traditions, which increase our balance, help us clear out the imbalances, and so deepen our meditation. Some of them are especially beneficial for certain aspects of our subtle system. For instance, the Lord’s prayer taught by Christ, clears out and balances the 6th energy center (in the middle of our head).The Sanskrit prayer from the Hindu tradition that we have posted here balances the first energy center at the base of our spine.

So, if you feel vibrations, try listening to it, and feel how it changes your vibrations. If they improve – use it. If you don’t feel any difference, it might not be what you need right now, – then don’t use it. Everything suggested here is for you to try out on your own.

If you don’t feel vibrations yet, it might be good idea for you to first go over the introductory online course, and to come check out these additional techiniques once you have felt your Kundalini, and once you have somewhat established your meditative state, because only then you can really see whether it works or not for improving your state.


April 16, 2011
10:43 am

Forum Posts: 11
Member Since:
April 10, 2011

i am interested in reading this prayer before meditation, however, i do not speak indian and do not know how to pronounce or what it means…..thankyou

April 16, 2011
2:24 pm
Forum Posts: 683
Member Since:
March 6, 2010

Dear whalerider,

You can download the Sanskrit version by pressing the blue download button. We have the English translations somewhere, please give us a few days to find it and post it.


May 27, 2011
5:10 pm
Forum Posts: 683
Member Since:
March 6, 2010


Here is the Sanskrit text with English translation.


Atharva Sheersha

The Highest
Praise of the Lord of the Ganas.

Om namaste Ganapataye.  Om. Salutations to You, O Lord of the Ganas.

Twameva pratyaksham tattwam-asi. You are the
Manifestation of the Divine Principle

Twameva kevalam kartā-‛si. You alone are the Doer.

Twameva kevalam dhartā-‛si. You alone are
the Supporter and the Sustainer.

Twameva kevalam hartā-‛si. You alone are the Remover and Destroyer.

Twameva sarvam khalv-idam
You are everything even indeed the Formless Spirit

Twam sākshād-ātmāsi nityam. You are the Embodiment of the Soul eternally

Ritam-vachmi. Satyam-vachmi. I speak Divine Law. I speak the Truth

Ava twam mām. Protect thou me.

Ava vaktāram. Ava śhrotāram. Be propitious to the speaker and the listener.

Ava dātāram. Ava dhātāram. Watch over the
one who gives and the recieiver.

Av-ān-ūchānam-ava śhishyam. Show favour to the learned scholar and the pupil.

Ava paschāt-tāt. Ava puras-tāt. Protect from behind. Protect from the front.

Av-ottarāt-tāt. Ava
Protect from the left side. Protect from the right

Ava-chordhvāt-tāt Av-ādharāt-tāt. Protect from above. Protect from below.

Sarvato-mām pāhi-pāhi sam-antāt. From all directions guard and protect me constantly

Twam vāng-mayas-twam chin-mayahª.
You are the Spoken Word and Pure Consciousness.

Twam ānanda-mayas-twam Joy is Your essence.

Brahma-mayahª. Formless Spirit is Your Nature.

You are Existence, Consciousness and Joy

Twam pratyaksham Brahmāsi. You are the Supreme Spirit manifested.

Twam gñyāna-mayo
You are all
Knowledge and Understanding

Sarvam jagad-idam twatto jāyate. This whole world is born from You.

Sarvam jagad-idam twattas
This whole world is sustained by You.

Sarvam jagad-idam twayi layam-eshyati. This whole world will dissolve in You.

Sarvam jagad-idam twayi pratyeti.
This whole world returns to You.

Twam bhūmir āpō-‛nalō-‛nilo
You are Earth,
Water, Fire, Air and Ether (5 elements)

Twam chatvāri vāk-padāni. You are the four parts of speech.

Twam guna tray-ātītaha.
You are beyond the three attributes

Twam deha tray-ātītaha.
You are beyond the three bodies.

Twam kāla tray-ātītaha.
You are beyond the three times.

Twam mūlādhāra sťhitō-‛si nityam.
You are eternally stationed at Mooladhara Chakra.

Twam shakti-try-ātmakaha.
You are the Essence of the three Shaktis.

Twām yogino dhyāyanti nityam. On You Yogis meditate constantly.

Twam Brahmā twam Vishnus-twam. You are Lord
Brahma. You are Shri Vishnu .


You are
Lord Shiva. You are Shri Indra.

Agnis-twam Vāyus-twam You are the God of Fire, You are Lord of the Wind.

Sūryas-twam Chandramās-twam You are the Sun and You are the Moon.

Supreme Spirit, Earth, Sky, Heaven and Omkāra  


Ganādim pūrvam uchchārya.      Saying Ganas
first letter (G) at the beginning,

Varnādim tad-anantaram. The first letter of the alphabet (A) next.

Anu-swāraha para-taraha.
And the nasal sound (M) after that.

Ardhendu lasitam. Tārena riddham.
The crescent
resounding, completed with the Om.

Etat-tava manu swa-rūpam. This is the true form of Your mantra.

Gakāraha pūrva rūpam. ‘G’ is the first form.

Akāro madhyama rūpam ‘A’ is the middle form.

Anuswārash chāntya rūpam. And ‘M’ is the
last form

Bindur uttara rūpam. Bindu (dot) is the finishing form on top

Nādaha samdhānam.
Samhitā sandhihi.
With the sounds united according to Sandhi.                           

Saishā Ganesha-vidyā. In this manner, is the knowledge of Shri Ganesha.

Ganaka rishihi. The seer is sage Ganaka.

Nichrid gāyatrī chhandaha.
The metre is a mixed Gāyatrī.

Ganapatir devatā. The presiding Deity is Shri Ganapati.

Om Gam Ganapataye namaha.    ‘Om Gam’,
obeisance to the Lord of the Ganas


Eka-dantāya vidmahe. We have the knowledge of the One-Tusked God.

Vakra-tundāya dhī-mahi. We meditate on the Lord with a Curved Trunk ,

Tanno dantī prachodayāt. May the Ivoried God inspire and stimulate us


Eka-dantam chatur-hastam One-tusked and four-handed

Pāśham ankuśha dhārinam. Wielder of the noose and elephant goad.

Radam cha varadam hastair bibhrānam Holding a broken tusk and all blessings in the hands

Mūshaka dhvajam Having a mouse as an emblem.

Raktam, lambodaram Red-coloured, with a big belly,

Śhūrpa karnakam, rakta-vāsasam. Ears like winnowing fans and clothed in red.

Rakta gandh-ānu-liptāngam With fragrant red sandalwood paste anointing the body.

Rakta pushpaihi
Auspiciously worshipped with red flowers.

Bhakt-ānu-kampinam devam      The God who is
Compassionate to devotees,

Jagat kāranam achyutam. The Imperishable Origin of the world,

Āvir-bhūtam cha srishty-ādau And becoming manifest at the beginning of creation.

Prakritehe purushāt param. Being beyond the Ādi Shakti and the Supreme Spirit.

Evam dhyāyati yo nityam. Whoever meditates in this way constantly,

Sa yogī yoginām varaha.
That Yogi becomes the most
excellent of Yogis.

Namo vrāta-pataye. Namo
We bow to the Lord of Assemblies and Chief of Ganas

Prostrations to the Leader of Lord Shiva’s hordes,

Let there be
obeisance to the Big-bellied, One-toothed

Vighna nāśhine Śhiva sutāya Destroyer of Obstacles, the Son of Lord Shiva

Śhrī varada  mūrtaye namo namaha. To the Embodiment of the Giver of prosperity and boons, Salutations again
and again.


Sākshāt  Śhrī 
Ādi  Śhakti  Mātājī 
Śhrī  Nirmalā  Devyai namo namaha

Who art in reality the Holy Primordial Energy,
Divine Mother,

To the Immaculate Goddess,
salutations again and again

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