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Mooladhara chakraMooladhara chakra

The four petalled center is called the Mooladhara chakra and is situated below the triangular sacrum bone. This center is placed outside the spine and on the physical level corresponds to the pelvic plexus, which looks after all of our extractions, inclusive of sexual activity. Although the kundalini only rises through the upper six centers, the Mooladhara chakra protects the purity and supports the kundalini at the time of her awakening.

The Mooladhara chakra is for our innocence and one should know that innocence can never be destroyed. Excessive thinking about and indulging in sex weakens this center. Despite all arbitrary abandonment of natural laws, innocence, the power of Mooladhara, remains, in a sleeping or a sick state which can be cured and normalized through kundalini awakening.

Situated below the sacrum bone, the awakened Mooladhara chakra gives us innocence and wisdom. Innocence gives us joy without the limitation of conditionings and prejudice, a quality that can be found in small children. This quality diminishes as we grow up and develop a sense of ego and selfish desires. Fortunately, this innate innocence is never destroyed and can return to us through practicing Sahaja Meditation. It is like the sun which is obscured by clouds, but which shines again after the clouds pass. In India, the elephant-headed deity, Shri Ganesha, is praised as the essence of innocence and wisdom. He has the body of a child, symbolizing innocence and the head of an elephant, symbolizing humility and wisdom.

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