Meditation Class 5

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Part 1
Class 5 | Self Mastery (Void)
Video: Self Mastery (Void)
True mastery is the ability to discriminate between the truth and falsehood. And to live in harmony with natural laws. The Void is the center of our own mastery. As the Kundalini energy enlightens this area we become our own Guru. When you are desireless, you are your own...
Part 2
Class 5 | Knowledge Tree
Reading: Knowledge Tree
The Void is the center of our own mastery. As the kundalini energy enlightens this area, we become our own guru (or master). The word guru means weight or gravity, and this grounded state is one of the primary ways that we remain in balance in the midst of our turbulent existence.
Part 3
Class 5 | Guided Meditations
Practicing: Guided Meditations
To establish your self mastery, distance yourself from wordily desires. Desires pull you away from present moment. Desires binds yo to the past and to the future. You are in the present. Be free from all the bondage. Begin life a new and rise to oneness with your royal mother within, Kundalini.
Part 4
Class 5 | Things to do before the next class
Self-check: Things to do before the next class
Take your time and do everything that are listed below in 2-3 days period of time before the next class. After completing all the steps you can click Class 6 on the top navigation anytime you like and start with the first part.

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