Things to do before the next class

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Take your time and do everything that are listed below in 2-3 days period of time before the next class. After completing all the steps you can click Class 5 on the top navigation anytime you like and start with the first part.

  • Setting up a meditation corner
    Setting up a comfortable meditation corner is a great step towards stronger meditations. We recommend having your meditations in the same place everyday, because the vibrations from your Kundalini awakening will settle down in this space and help you enter into meditation more easily over time. (However, do not let yourself be deterred from meditating if it is not possible for you to have such a permanent space.)

    Place the photograph of Shri Mataji respectfully on a clean table or shelf and light a candle in front of the photo. It is preferable to put a cloth under the photo and to place the photo in a frame. Place the photo approximately at eye level, so that you can see the picture clearly. You can download one of Shri Mataji’s photographs from the download page.

    Lighting a candle and incense will help to clear the atmosphere for entering into meditation. You will notice that your Kundalini responds immediately to the image of Shri Mataji. Therefore, experiment with meditating in front of a photograph of Shri Mataji, and see the difference for yourself.

  • The class video that you’ve watched in the first part is the main source for both knowledge and experience. We highly recommend you to watch this video one more time in 2-3 days period before the next class.
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  • The guided meditations in the third part are also very important in order to establish the experience and go deeper. In 2-3 days period, please follow these meditations twice a day (morning and evening).
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  • If you have any questions, please first check out our Support Forum. If you cannot find a post related to your question then post your question in the Forum or contact us!

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