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Vishuddhi chakraVishuddhi chakra

The sixteen petalled center is called the Vishuddhi chakra and is placed in the neck region of the spinal cord. This center corresponds to the cervical plexus, which regulates the functioning of the ears, nose, throat, neck, teeth, tongue, hands, gestures, etc. This center is responsible for the communication with others, because through these organs we communicate with others. At the physical level, it controls the function of our thyroid glands. Harsh speech, smoking, artificial behavior and feelings of guilt block this center.

When the kundalini pierces this center, the person becomes extremely truthful, tactful and sweet in communication, and does not indulge in futile arguments. He becomes extremely diplomatic in handling situations, without igniting the ego.

When the kundalini like a gentle breeze flows within you, then you feel your own purity, your own innocence, the peace and love of your being. You feel free and you feel light. You feel the cool breeze on your hands or above the head.

If you haven’t felt the cool breeze, this indicates problems in the Vishuddhi chakra. The nerves in this center are irritated and this manifests as buzzing or tingling under the skin on the forefingers, or you may have a physical problem with the throat, ears, eyes or nose, which are all controlled by this fifth energy center.

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