Meditation Class 3

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Part 1

Class 3 | Your experiment with truth – Introduction
Video: The experience of your Kundalini awakening

Now it’s time to have the most important part of the course – the actual experience of Kundalini awakening within you which is also known as Self-realization, enlightenment or second birth. During this unique experience, Shri Mataji will guide you step by step.

Part 2

Class 3 | Knowledge Tree
Reading: Knowledge Tree

Before Shri Mataji started Sahaja Meditation in 1970, getting Self-realization was very difficult. It was done on a one-on-one basis. Our chakras could only be cleansed through many austerities over many years and Kundalini was awakened only after the cleansing process was complete.

Part 3

Class 3 | Guided Meditations
Practising: Guided Meditations

You can repeat the same meditation exercise till the next class. This will help establishing the experience and giving strength to your own kundalini.

Part 4

Class 3 | Things to do before the next class
Self-check: Things to do before the next class

Take your time and do everything that are listed below in 2-3 days period of time till the next class.

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