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Kundalini AwakeningSelf-realization (Kundalini awakening)

A human being is said to have achieved their Self-realization when their Kundalini has been awakened. We connect with our spirit and spontaneously exist in a state of meditation when the mothering, spiritual energy known as the Kundalini becomes awakened and active.

The dormant Kundalini energy rises from the sacrum bone (located at the very bottom of the spine) through the spinal column. As a result, the energy centers (or chakras) become energized or nourished. When this energy passes through the brain, we spontaneously achieve mental silence.

The 3 Energy Channels

Within our subtle system there are 3 energy channels. They correspond to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems within the spinal column. They are the Right channel (yellow), Left channel (blue) and Central channel (white).

left channelThe left channel (ida nadi)
The left channel (blue) corresponds to our past, emotions, desires and our affection for others. Its termination is the superego, which is the storehouse of all our memories, habits and conditionings. The greatest quality of the left side is joy, which is the basic nature of the spirit. You may remember having this joy as a child, or you may have observed it in young children. The desire for this joy still exists within us as strongly as when we were infants. It may be blocked or covered with “tarnish” from emotional or physical wounds. Before Sahaja Meditation, we did not have effective techniques for cleansing our pains and wounds. The practice of Sahaja Meditation helps us remove those old tensions and recover that joy as a steady state of being.

Problems of the left side tend to result in extreme submissiveness or emotional imbalance, whereby we are thrown between elation and depression. With this type of imbalance, self-discipline becomes difficult and bad habits hard to correct. In the worst case, we become lethargic and self-obsessed. Because this channel also feeds into the skull area, pressure on the brain becomes excessive. This cycle is what causes mental breakdown, epilepsy and senility (decay of the brain).

right channelThe right channel (pingala nadi)
The right channel (yellow) corresponds to our actions and planning, and our physical and mental activity. Its termination is the ego, which gives us the idea of I-ness, the sense that we are separate from the world. The right channel is also called the Sun Channel. It begins at the second chakra and travels up the right side. It crosses over to the left temple (ego) at the 6th chakra.

The right channel provides the conduit for our energy of action. This energy is comprised of our mental and physical activities. When the demand for energy on this side is too great, the left side is weakened; the desire for the joy of the spirit evaporates. When the right side dominates, the personality becomes very dry and aggressive. Excess pressure shoots up into the left temple and into the ego, causing it to inflate into a balloon that blocks the central channel. The entire system is thrown off balance. Blinded by ego, sensitivity to our own emotions is diminished. Decisions and actions that dominate or disrupt the lives of others are taken , with a firm belief that they are “necessary” and “logical.” Taken to this extreme, right-sided behavior leads to heart disease.

Sahaja Meditation practices are effective in removing blockages and balancing the chakras and channels. By doing simple meditation and techniques, one can begin each day with joy from the open chakras and energetic power of a balanced system. You can revitalize yourself and the relationships around you, simply by working on yourself from the inside out.

central channelThe central channel (sushumna nadi)
The central channel is the channel of ascent. It is the power which sustains our evolution and guides us, consciously or unconsciously, towards the higher awareness of the Sahasrara (the uppermost chakra). The central channel is also called the Middle Path. It begins at the place where the Kundalini resides and passes straight up the spine to the highest chakra.

As the conduit for the parasympathetic nervous system, the central channel coordinates our involuntary system activities. We do not have conscious control over these activities. Our heart beats, our lungs breathe, our blood system manufactures plasma, our brain centralizes and coordinates communication, our mind performs “word processing”… all of these incredible functions – and more – operate more powerfully than forty billion computers.

The activities that take place through the parasympathetic system are spontaneous happenings. They happen naturally, without our doing anything. The rising of the Kundalini and her work, as well as all the other spiritual activities, are spontaneous. Hence, the term Sahaja was selected to label this type of meditation, because it means spontaneous. The implication of the parasympathetic nature of the middle path is that the rise of the Kundalini is totally beyond our own volition or control.

Once our kundalini has been awakened and has travelled through this central channel, out the top of the head, we can begin to become aware of the vast internal galaxy of our subtle system. This initial “enlightenment” or Realization is only the beginning of our greatest adventure.

More about Kundalini

elgrecosKundalini is the primordial energy, the source of all energy. It is a living energy that knows how to act. Prior to Self-Realization, Kundalini lies dormant in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine. It is completely pure and immaculate. It cannot be stained or tarnished.

The Kundalini goes against the force of gravity. It rises on its own, like fire. It purifies, consumes and cleanses all that is useless (ideas, desires, feelings that take us away from spirituality). It doesn’t absorb imperfections–it removes them. This is why we sometimes feel heat in our hands during the meditation.

There are many ancient symbols of the Kundalini, including the serpent and river of celestial water. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius signaled her awakening.

She emits the impulse to search for something higher, for spiritual seeking.

She generates the power of pure desire—the power to evolve and to become one with the spirit.

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